Cricket Betting Guide For Beginners

Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai
Published on 19-Aug-2016, last updated 27-Aug-2016
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Cricket Betting Guide For Beginners

On daily basis I receive request from new punters who want to learn cricket betting. One of the most frequently asked question from these new cricket punters is if they can be rich betting on cricket. Making money is obviously one of the main reason why new punters are attracted to cricket betting but betting on cricket is not all about money. It can be much more. 

In this guide I'll explain you everything you wanted to know about cricket betting. This guide is mostly question and answer type of guide which addresses your questions and I've also explained the whole business of cricket betting.


1) Can I make money from cricket betting?
2) Can you predict Match Winner?
3) What are the things I should know before I start betting on cricket?
4) Money Management
5) Where to bet?
6) Odds (bhav/rate in desi terms)
7) How to bet on Cricket?
8) Cricket betting tips and strategies
9) Which form of cricket is best to make risk free profit?
10) Cricket Trading
11) Difference between Betting (gambling) & Trading
12) Cricket Betting Terminologies

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