EPL001: English Premier League Betting Strategies - Make over 100 times profit per season

Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai
Published on 07-Feb-2016, last updated 12-Mar-2016
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EPL001 English Premier League Betting Strategies


Many punters in the past have asked me to reveal my profitable football betting strategy. I always used to tell them to wait for some time as I was working on preparing strategies by following them by myself. I'm finally ready to reveal the most profitable strategy which I've discovered after two years of extensive research and betting. 

I've narrowed down on this strategy after following about 50 Football leagues around the world and betting on all those leagues for past two years. 

This is the most profitable betting strategy which I've found so far. This strategy can give you at least 100 times profit over a season. With a unit stake of just Rs. 1,000 you can make Rs. 100,000 profit in one season without risking much. You even don't need a big bank balance to trade. You can even start with as low as Rs. 100. 

I'm offering this strategy to all those punters who have lost a lot of money in gambling on Cricket and can't find a way to recover losses. My live trading tips is one way to recover losses but majority of punters don't have time or don't follow live trading. This profitable strategy is what you need.

The strategy

This strategy involves betting on four markets in each match. It's not a trading strategy so you don't need to trade live. All you need to do is to bet on these four markets, check result and then bet on next matches.

Material Provided

I'll provide you followings:

1) Last 10 years of result to prove this strategy

2) Spreadsheet from my own betting activities for current and last year

3) Strategy guide

4) Spreadsheet to use for betting


1) You must have account on BetfairBetfair (Click here to open account and get £25 FREE). You can bet on any online betting site but for best result you have to bet on Betfair. 

You must know how to back and lay on BF.

2) A PC or laptop to work with spreadsheet. You must  know how to work with spreadsheets.

3) At least Rs. 25k of bank balance.

4) About 20-30 minutes of free time mainly in weekends.

5) Basic maths.


£499 (about Rs. 50,000)

How to purchase?

Contact Mamu from contact page or via live chat from the link below. I've explained this strategy and process to him. He will guide you with purchase and delivery of the documents. You can also contact me by emaill munna at munnabhai .net.

Guarantee & Refund

This strategy is guaranteed to bring profit. It's impossible that this strategy will fail. As you can see in past 10 years of football result it never failed. However for any unforseen reason if this strategy fails and you end up in losses then I can offer you full refund of £499 and also fully compensate you for your losses. This term is applicable only if you have strictly followed this strategy. You can claim refund by sending me your betting spreadsheet. Mamu will take care of refund. FYI refund will be made by Skrill (Click here to open account) or NETELLER (Click here to open account) only. 

I follow this strategy myself so I will know easily if this strategy fails.


I'm always available on this website or on email to provide any support you require. As I said I follow this strategy myself so I'm aware of what is going. I'll also try to offer tips for each match for this strategy even though you don't require any tips and you don't have to worry about any tips. This strategy is self sufficient. 


1) Can anyone purchase this strategy?

No. This strategy is not for every one. I'm not selling any strategy. I don't do these things. I'm doing a favor to all those punters who have lost a lot of money in gambling. This was the main purpose of this website. I'm just extending my help.

Only those punters who have been member of this website for sometime and who are aware of what I do and what this website does are eligible to purchase this strategy. 

Another reason why I don't want to give this strategy to anyone is that once cat is out of bag bookies will start to screw odds and close the loopholes in one way or another. Yup, this strategy is so powerful. 

So if you are serious about making easy profit and have been member of this website for sometime then only contact me to get this strategy.

I & Mamu will be selective in giving out this strategy so we will ask you few questions before giving you this strategy.

2) Why are you asking for money when you said you are doing a favor?

We have a saying in North India - Ghar ki muli daal barabar - which translated means no one values free stuff. If I give it out for free then you will either ignore it thinking it's just rubbish or wouldn't be bothered to use it hence the cost. It's also a way to say thank you Munna  Bhai for saving our arses.

3) English Premier League is almost towards the business end of this season, can I apply this strategy in current season?

Yes you can. This strategy doesn't start and end with a season. It's ongoing.

4) Can I use apply strategy on any other football leagues such as Spanish La Liga?

Yes you can apply to any football league however it's not guaranteed to bring profit as it does for EPL. Also I personally haven't tried applying this strategy to any other football league. 

5) Can I make Rs 1 Crore with Rs. 1 Lakh unit stake in one season?

Yes you can if you have big pocket and provided there is enough liquidity in the market. 

6) Can I bet with local bookies?

Yes you can provided your LB offers lay betting and covers the markets mentioned in this strategy. However sooner or later if he finds out then you will be kicked out. This strategy also involves lay betting which is best if played on BF.

7) What is unit stake?

Unit stake is the amount of stake (money) you bet with in each match.

E.g. For starters I recommend start with Rs. 1,000. Use 1k to bet in each market. With each win you will make around Rs. 1k profit. So in this case your unit stake will be Rs. 1k.

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  1. Holy kamdhenu!!! Bhai I'm very much interested. Plz send me strategy. I've already transferred money to Mamu.

    • Sent.

      • Bhai I've read the strategy document and gone through the spreadsheets. I must say that you are true genius. It must have taken all your brain power and hard work to discover such strategy. Here is problem. I'm lost in spreadsheet. I do understand the strategy but spreadsheet is too overwhelming for me. Any help?

        • If you are lost in spreadsheet then I recommend just focus on 1 market. LTF is best to start as it's low risk market. Try that.

          • ty bhai I'll try LTF first.

          • bhai Birbal ki khichari hei spreadsheet, mein bhi LTF try karta hun pele.

  2. bhiya ji hum bhi interested hein bhejiye humko bhi, payment ker diya hei meine.

  3. paji payment kar diya hei bhez do hume bhi.

  4. bhai payment kar diya hei muzhe bhi bhez do.

  5. Bhai Cricket wali strategy kab nikal rahe ho?

    • Kabhi bhi aa sakti hei, dheeraj rakho. EPL001 le lo aur maal kamawo.

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