Ladbrokes Are Fraud, Blacklisted

Shakuni Mama (Admin)
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Published on 10-Jan-2014, last updated 30-Sep-2017
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Ladbrokes bookie are fraud. At some pooint they will limit your account if you keep winning. These suckers don't let you win. On top of that they don't accept Indian players. 

Stay away from them.

If you have account then you are advised to close your account immediately and withdraw all your money before it's too late.

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10 Responses to “ Ladbrokes Are Fraud, Blacklisted ”
  1. I've been betting on Ladbrokes and it has the best odds ,most of the time amongst all other UK bookies.

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  2. Hi guys,
    I received this message from Ladbrokes
    "This is a message to inform you that your account will no longer be eligible for bonuses, concessions, Free Bet refunds or Best Odds Guaranteed, effective immediately. Please note any pending bonuses or concessions attached to your account have also been withdrawn. All other terms and conditions of your account remain the same and we look forward to your continued custom at Ladbrokes. Want more freedom to bet? Then try Ladbrokes Exchange. To create an account and start betting please click here or visit the Ladbrokes Exchange tab. Kind Regards Ladbrokes Contact Centre"

    Does anyone know what is the reason they have taken such foolish decision?

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    • Did you contact Ladbrokes customer support to find out what is going on?

      • Yes I did contact their customer support and their reply was that the decision was taken by Trading department and it can't be reversed.

    • Mate! Ladbrokes are sinking, they got no money for bonuses.

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    • You must be a high risk customer. You might have outsmarted them and no bookmaker wants to see a winning player on their book ;) When house start loosing they would do anything under their power to kick you out. Be safe and don't keep too much money with them.

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  3. Ladbrokes restricted my account.
    I've been betting on Labdrokes for over 4 years and out of no reason they have started throttling my account. I can't bet more than £5-£10 on any sport. They didn't give me the reason and didn't send any email. I contacted customer support and as usual response was robotic - It's market restriction imposed by the trader. I've been reading other forums and it seems I'm not the only one. What I can't understand is why they would restrict my stakes when I'm not a big winner. I just checked my betting account on Ladbrokes and overall I lost more than I won. So why these idiots would impose limits on an account from which they have been profiting?

    • Get a life mate!
      You can't live off betting. No matter how smart you are and how clever you are in your betting strategy these bookmakers will get you sooner or later. No bookie wants you winning. It's not only Ladbrokes who restrict stakes and eventually close account but rest all of bookies would do the same at some point of time. In your case my guess is that you might have won big bucks in quick succession which caught attention of some drunk arse who decided to restrict your bets. Basically this is just the beginning which will eventually culminate in your account closure.

      To be on safe side you might want to withdraw all your money and better close your account before they humiliate you and cut you off.

      Try other bookies but eventually they would do the same.

      That's why I said, get a life and do something else for living.

  4. Adilade stricers

  5. Ladbrokes are very good

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