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bet365 is one of the largest online betting site and certainly one of the most popular for Indian punters. It's regulated by British Gambling Commission. It's purely an online betting site and it doesn't have any brick and mortar shop like rest of high street betting establishments.

If you are from Indian subcontinent then you better read my Bible first before reading the rest of this review.


bet365 accepts Debit/Credit card and plenty of other eWallets.

One-wallet system

Unlike most of the betting sites where they have separate wallets for different products such as Poker, Bingo, Casino and games, bet365 have just one wallet which is same across all it's products. It's very convenient for players who don't have to worry about uploading or transferring money from one wallet to another. 


They have most of sports covered including Cricket, Football and Tennis. 

Cricket @ bet365 

They cover most of the Cricket matches and most of the markets. However they don't offer the widest Cricket markets which is available on other UK betting sites. 

It is one of very few online betting sites which offer Cricket Toss market for almost all domestic and International Cricket matches. Even I bet on Cricket toss market on this site most of the times.

bet365 for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other Asian countries

bet365 is the most popular online betting site in Indian subcontinent and the main reason, specially for India, is that it accepts local currency. Another reason for it's popularity is the fact that it always offers most of the Cricket markets.

Deposit and Withdraw for Indian Punters

Don't use your debit/credit card for deposit and withdrawal. Don't ask me why in open forum. Reason is obvious.

Account Verification, Photo ID & Address proof for Indian Punters

This is always an issue for Indians to verify their identity not only on a betting site but on any other site. This is the curse of 3rd world country we have to live with. 

The safest and simplest option is to use your passport for account verification. If you don't have a passport then get one. If you can't get a passport then forget about betting online.

Driving licence and scores of other ID cards such as PAN card, Adhaar Card etc might not be accepted for identity proof.

For address verification passport will be sufficient if it has your current address, if not then you have to get utility bill (electricity/phone) or bank statement (paper statement).

Live Streaming

bet365 is the best site to watch free live streaming of Football, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and other sports. Well it's not all free. If you just want to watch the live streaming then all you need to do is to Click here to create account, deposit £10 into account and start watching all live streaming.

bet365 live score
bet365 live score

Fastest way to see match updates in real time

The only way to get the instant match updates is to be in the stadium itself. If you are not in the stadium then you will get some delay of 1 to 5 seconds. bet365 is one of the fastest online site where you can get faster updates. Whether it's Cricket match score, Tennis match or Football it has one of the fastest updates. I've compared few bookie sites to find out the fastest updates and bet365 tops the list of fastest updates. 


They offer cashout on some markets which is very useful for new punters.

bet365 Website Improved

They have done considerable improvement in website. They have got rid of flash and used HTML which is much better to navigate and search for markets.

That's all folks I hope I've cover everything you wanted to know about bet365. Don't forget to check out bet65 forum where you can find answers to most of your questions. They even don't have a site search feature.

bet365 Mobile

Their mobile app is way better than website and I like it. If you are on the move and have no access to a desktop PC/laptop then mobile app will come handy which does the same job minus speed of live streaming. Live streaming on mobile phone are slower on mobile phones which is obvious.

bet365 mobile app
bet365 mobile app


bet365 offers support via email, telephone and 24x7 live chat. Live chat is excellent, you can get connected to an adviser within 5 minutes which is great.

bet365 support live chat
bet365 support live chat

Bad Reviews on other sites

I was reading bet365 reviews on other review sites and most of them are negative. Don't get deviated by those comments. Try it by yourself before judging. I never had any issue with bet365 at all. I even didn't have any reason to contact them. Everything works smoothly, money upload and withdrawal never had any issues at all. Some of these naive customers have complained that they suspend market during in-play/live betting. This is a normal practice for all betting sites to suspend market when an event occurs. E.g. a penalty in Football or a wicket in Cricket and so on. Suspension is essential as they need to change the odds after an event. Few of these customers have issue with limitations and account closures. This again is a normal practice on all betting sites. They can close accounts any time or limit your account based on many factors.

Follow these steps to avoid your account being investigated:

  • Verify your account before betting
  • Don't withdraw too frequently
  • Don't do arb betting
  • Diversify your betting sports/market

If you are an expert punter like me who always wins then be assured that your account will be limited not only on bet365 but on all betting sites.

Under no circumstances a bookie will withhold your money be assured of it. Your money is always safe.

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  1. Excellent review bhai. yeh arb betting kya hota hai aur kyon nehi karna chahiye arb betting online betting sites pe?

  2. Thank you MB for publishing such honest review which isn't available anywhere. I've one thing to ask. I've seen many times that you say to bet on BF then why should we open account on bet365?

  3. bhai I've opened account using link above how do i claim bonus?

  4. bhai mera account verify nehi ho reha hai. DL accept nehi ker rahe hein woh. kya karun?

  5. bhai me pakistan se hun. bet365 safe hai yahan se? koi problem to nehi hoyegi?

  6. gud review bhai. I'm frm Bangladesh we have too much restrictions on banking here and we can't easily use neteller or skrill banks don't allow money upload. how do we open account on bet365 and play there?

  7. Bai hamne membership liya neteller account be khula abi cridit cards se paisa dalrahae to messag arahe block abi kea karu bai

    • Meine hajar baar bola ki pehle guide padho fir account kholo lekin koi sunta hi nehi. Mein kuch nehi kar sakta. Support ko contact karo aur pucho ki kyon block kiya hei.

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