An Introduction to Betfair

Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai
Published on 10-Jun-2015, last updated 10-Dec-2015
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This guide is for beginners who want to understand Betfair Exchange in order to start trading and making some serious money. This is my Betfair Bible which you must read if you are new to it. In this guide I've also revealed some secrets on how local bookies, online bookies and Betfair works. So it's a MUST READ guide for all.

Betfair can be intimidating for any newcomer. It's a unique concept, getting your way around it will be challenging if you are on your own. This step by step guide will help you to understand Betfair Exchange in no time.

When I first visited Betfair website I couldn't figure out anything. All I could see was bunch of odds in blue and pink. I gave up after first visit. After sometime I decided to give it another try and I could figure out something after going through all possible tutorials available on the Internet. It took me few months of time to comprehend it fully. The most difficult to understand aspect was lay betting and they way odds are displayed at Betfair website. Lay concept which can be more challenging than finding your way out of Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

This guide doesn't tell you how to bet at BF EX but it introduces you to Betfair and explains how BF EX works.

You can always discuss any betfair related issues in Betfair Forum.

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5 Responses to β€œ An Introduction to Betfair ”
  1. Informative Bhai, but I still don't have BF account recently tried but couldn't I have attempted before this but was failed then. Now I want to open with the name which is in passport but they are directing me to open account on telephone which I find bit uneasy.

    • This might be due the fact that you had tried in the past. It's normal security procedure nothing to worry about. If there is nothing to hide then explain them what went wrong. You can try over phone. It's pain but we don't have any alternative to BF so we have to do what they dictate.

  2. OK I'll one more thing skrill account is opened not verified my account debited by rs 190.89 they r asking to verify it in euro or pound which m unable to,visited bank they they can't say in foreign currency

    • That's basically Indian bank's side problem. Here in the UK we always see the foreign currency amount on the bank statement. skrill couldn't be able to help any further as they will say same thing. I just asked my contact in skrill and he said the same thing.

      This is shame that Indian bank can't tell amount in foreign currency. They should be able to tell it as they know how much of foreign currency they have received. They certainly didn't receive in INR.

      I would say try again, phone or visit bank and explain them that they must have received money in foreign currency and not in INR so just tell me that foreign currency amount.

      If it doesn't work then try another bank account.

  3. very useful guide paji. pura secret khol diya BF ka aapne, aur desi bookies ki to puri pol hi khol di.

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